Student Spotlight: Lloyd Rees

Lloyd Rees, Newport South Wales

Lloyd is one of our newer members, from a city along the M4 Motorway next to the Welsh Capitol Cardiff. He began playing the piano at 7 years old. After studying for 5 years Lloyd began to pursue other interests like rugby and gymnastics. He then went to college, became a Chartered Civil Engineer, and started a family. At last after retiring Lloyd was able to return to his old passion, the piano.

He spent the past 10 years trying to pick up where he left off. He even studied locally with a concert pianist who was able to help him get his bearings again, but he wasn’t done there. Lloyd eventually turned to the internet to find some online music sites.
“I have been involved with 3 other similar sites, but find they half explain things often leaving the student mid session to ‘figure it out for themselves’…”

After feeling like he still wanted more he returned to search around the internet, when one site mentioned JAZZEDGE Corp. He watched some of Willie’s sample lesson videos and felt like the teaching method was thorough and well done. He quickly became a free trial member. This soon turned into a Gold Membership due to Lloyds respect for Willie’s attention to detail and total commitment to teaching.

Lloyd is now working on the Blues and Boogies Volumes, but found the Piano Chords Lessons very useful.

When asked what he would change about PianoWithWillie, Lloyd expressed his admiration for our dedication to students and simply said there is nothing he would change.

His major goal has always been to be able to put his own arrangements together from lead sheets with better success than he has experienced in the past. Lloyd hopes to reach this goal with Willie’s lessons and private coaching.

After a flourishing professional career and great success in most all his ventures, it is clear the Lloyd’s determination and hard work will bring him to the advanced level he desires with Willie’s lessons.

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Willie President
Willie Myette is a pianist, serial entrepreneur and author of over a dozen books on piano and music education. He received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and graduated in under 4 years. Willie is the creator and president of online piano instruction sites Jazzedge® Academy, Jazz Piano Lessons and HomeSchool Piano.

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