Student Spotlight : Kyle P. Jameson

Kyle Jameson

In my first six months here at JAZZEDGE I noticed a common beginner student question:

“I am a beginner, can these lessons bring me to a professional or almost professional playing level?”

Our answer has always been of course our lessons will guide you in that direction, you just have to work hard. Then one of Willie’s former students contacted us recently to update us on his new “professional” status. He had come to Willie with this same question 6 years ago.

This months Student Spotlight is on Kyle P. Jameson of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He has known Willie for 6 years and studied with him for a year before becoming a more independent student. Kyle’s determination and motivation is primarily what lead him down a fast track for success at the piano and organ.

Kyle began as a Head Server/Sacristan at St. Leo the Great Church locally, and after a lot of hard work is now the Music Director/Organist/Choirmaster at the Church of Saint Timothy (another local church).

What originally brought Kyle to JAZZEDGE and was Willie himself. He had been picking Willie’s musical knowledge for weeks when finally Willie realized that having an entire library of lessons to work with during his down time might be more beneficial for a student as eager as Kyle. He got a Gold Membership while also continuing his private coaching with Willie.

His favorite lesson is “O Come All Ye Faithful” which he even reviewed again this year in preparation for the holiday season at Church.

Kyle’s main motivation to play is the fact that there is always something else to learn, you can always learn a new piece or technique. This is one of his keys to success. His constant drive to learn something new keeps him growing as a musician.

Kyle is now the founder of the “Music at Saint Timothy Church” Concert Series and says there is nothing he would change about our services at JAZZEDGE.

Thank you for being our student Kyle, and we hope in the new year after the release of COREPIANO we can bring more beginners onto the same path.

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