Blues Piano Practice Tips

Blues Practice Tips

Once you can play the Blues in one key, try these tips:

  1. Start working on a new key. Start with an easy key first. So, if you originally learned the Blues in C, try a key like F or G next.
  2. Don’t forget the guitar keys! E, A and B are popular keys that guitar players learn the Blues in.
  3. Change the tempo. Try playing it slow and fast.
  4. Make a play-a-long track for yourself. Or, play-a-long with a Blues recording.
  5. Try creating a Blues “head”. A head is the melody of the song. Start by playing the same lick over the I and IV chords. When you get to the V chord, change it slightly. Repetition is important!
  6. Listen to great Blues pianists like Professor Long Hair, Jimmy Smith (Organ) and Johnnie Johnson.

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