10 Tips To Speed Up Your Fingers At The Piano

The point of these 10 tips is to get you thinking about how to create exercises. This is only scratching the surface. Try coming up with your own exercises as well. If these are too difficult, try using the simple 5-finger scale in either the right or left hand while doing a full scale or arpeggio in the opposite hand,

  1. Play Major, minor, and Dominant 7th arpeggios. Do only 3 per week. After 1 month, you will have gone through all 12.
  2. Play contrary motion (left hand goes down, right goes up) then switch.
  3. Play hands together 2 octaves
  4. Play left hand 1 octave, right hand 2 octaves
  5. Left hand 1 octave, right hand 1 octave Major scale or any other (different) scale
  6. Do the opposite of #5
  7. Hands together 2 octaves then come down chromatic scale
  8. Do same as #7 but come down Major scale or any other scale
  9. Go up any scale (major, minor, blues, etc) then come down an arpeggio
  10. Play different arpeggios in each hand. Maybe do a C7 arpeggio in the left hand and a E-7b5 in the right hand. This will create some interesting harmonies

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